Run Monitor

2021 season: A vision

Because of the current global situation, 2020 season is not going as planned. We will have much less races and training than initially wanted, decreasing also the need for analysis. We had set up our price plan for 2020, but, as coaches and athletes are doing, we need to think ahead.

For next season, we want to structure better our products. Until today, two products were available: Run Monitor (macOS) and Run Monitor Eye (iPadOS). Run Monitor Pocket was never released and it will not happen in 2020 due to covid19.

For 2021 season, we will be releasing 4 different products: one for phone, one for tablet and 2 for computer, as it is shown in the image below.

We are dividing Run Monitor into two different products, hoping this way it will be able to help more coaches and athletes. In the table below some of the characteristics are shown. If you, as an athlete, individual coach, club or national federation are considering buying a license, please, contact us. Being aware of the preorders would help us a lot.

  Run Monitor Run Monitor Pro Run Monitor Eye Run Monitor Pocket
Operating System macOS macOS iPadOS iOS






Price 50 € / season* 200 € / season* 20 € / season* 20 € / season*
Trial period 15 days 15 days
Penalty details
Tagging system
Water tests
Import tests (blood, ...)
Video stream capturing
ICF Server downloader
Camera + times
Boat motion
Course designer
Health data
Resting HR
Season list
Double screen
Slow motion
Measure angles
Draw lines
Search & play by tags
Export comparison
Splits viewer
Statistical overview
Planning creator
Multi althlete
Planning viewer
Automatic ICF ranking
Penalty statistics creator
Penalty statistics viewer
Health data viewer
Data creation
BM Viewer
BM Analyzer
  Run Monitor Run Monitor Pro Run Monitor Eye Run Monitor Pocket
Price 50 € / season* 200 € / season* 20 € / season* 20 € / season*

* Begining and ending of a season is considered one week after the WCH (around October). Prices are subject to change

We are taking PREORDERS now

If any team, athlete or federation is considering buying a license, we are glad to inform you that preorders are available now. Since the last update today, we will not prolong any trial anymore. Therefore, any new user will have the free trial for one month. For existing users, the trial period will be restarted.

We redesigned the subscription method and it should be working properly. Please download the latest version from the button bellow and replace the old one. There are few things to be finished inside the program, but hopefuly they will be done before the season (re)starts.