Run Monitor

A new way of analysis

Have a complete control of your season

All the training sessions in the same place!

Run Monitor reads all the files you have created and lists them in order to be able to have a fast access. You can easily search the session you are looking for thanks to the multiple searching tools (date, location, session type, event, phase, athletes, tags...).

Each file contains tags and comments (that previously you have introducced) so you can find what you are looking for.

Select the session you want to analyze and select any of our multiple analizing tools!

Follow the performance

Did you like slalomstats? Then you will love this feature.

As we are have a data file per each session (either it is race or a training session), statistical data is automatically generated. We can check how the athletes performed during the season, where they are touching (or missing gates) more (divided by the sections of your choosing) or simply check their clean rate.

It is also possible to analize the training sessions. For doing so, we will need Run Monitor Eye or Run Monitor Pocket. Compare the accuracy depending on the training type, the course where you had the session or the month of the year.

Take the data from each race

You are on a race and you want to splits. An old fashioned way would be to rewatch the run with a chrono in one hand plus a pen in the other. And write it down. Without mistakes it takes the same time that the athlete needed to do his run. Too much. We want to simplify this action. thanks to our tool Splittaker, it will only require 10-15s to do this action per athlete.

Once we have the data of the athletes we want, we only need to export as a new file. The created file contains more data than the splits: video information, penalties, race information... Very important for future analysis.

Analyze the performance

Thanks to the file we have created with Splittaker (or with Run Monitor Eye), video analysis has never been so easy.

Controlling everything from the keyboard, switch between athletes or sections with the arrows, reproduce different speeds, compare athletes, check the run time evolution... there are a lot of different features for getting a better video feedback.

It does not matter if the athlete does not own a macbook. Run Monitor can export the comparison to a new video file so the coach can share with the paddlers what he wants them to see.

If you wanted numbers, you've got them

There is not only just video. Run Monitor can also generate splits reports, for those who love to see the numbers clearly.

Decide better

In Canoe Slalom there is not only one fast line. This sport is very rich and offers a big amount of possibilities for doing the same gate combination. Sometimes, the decision is obvious, other times it is not.

If the coaches show to their paddlers a fast and clean information, that can really help them.

In the end, athletes must choose the option that they feel more sure about, as confidence is the key to success.

Compare quickly

Sometimes we have the time to create properly all the data files with Splittaker, but other times not.

For those situations, we have the solution. In Run Monitor you can import directly two videos and compare them with total freedom. No splits, no rules.But with all the advantages.

Exporting is also a reality in this mode, as well as measuring times with a built in chrono. And what is more, if the videos were taken with a fix camera, you can overlay them for the perfect comparison.

Learn how your boat moves

Thans to Boat Motion, Run Monitor can track the movement of your boat. For doing so, you only need to fix a mobile phone inside the boat and use our app.

Compare the boat reaction depending on the speed, check your rotation... A new world has just been created!

Built in tests

There are also some tests prepared inside the software. For example, the 8 test.

Setting up two gates with 20m distance and the paddles must do 5 laps with maximum speed.

Run Monitor automatically detects the quality of each turn (how it is changing due to fatige) and the variation of the splits. According on those parameter creates a score. This mark is not according to the fastest but depending oneself.


current version:

What is new: v1.10

- Minor fix in Ultimate Analyzer. Now total time is shown correctly

What is new: v1.9

- Comment options inside splittaker. Now you are able to add comments in every section for a race.

- Visulaization of the comments inside the Analyzer

- Extension of the expiration date. Until end of the year

What is new: v1.8

- Few small design improvements

- Extension of the expiration date

What is new: v1.7

- Introduction of Renamer tool

- Total redesign of Ultima Analyzer

- Slider has been updated in Simple Comparison

- More control in any Comparison mode

- Splitmixer has been updated for the last version of Run Monitor Eye

- Folder player has been updated with a comparison mode